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Week 1: Planning and Introduction to my Research

The last couple of weeks I have been really busy working on my research but I found myself quite disorganised with my thoughts and information I gathered. So I would like to take a step back and plan first what exactly I want to do throughout this module and what I would like to conclude. This article is going to serve as a navigation point that will help me orientate through my research. These are the topics I would like to research: 1) Objectification of Women and Women as a Sight in Art (and the history of art) Subtopics: - When did it start? - Why are women depicted in such ways? Women and their position in the society in the history - Who is the spectator? - Differences between male and female nudity in the history of art - Nudity and indecency - What impact does it have on women (and maybe society) nowadays (the fact that female nudity has been objectified for centuries)? - Differences between how men and women artists depict female nudity I started working on the topic last module but this time I would like to go more in depth. 2) What Role does it play in Commercial/Publicity nowadays? - What different tools do companies use to make women and men buy products? Note: When did women learn that they need to shave (legs) and wear make-up? Activities associated exclusively with women. A razor for women is called Venus. Just like the Roman goddess of love, sex and beauty. In European oil paintings she has always been depicted smooth and idealised. Is there any connection with it? Is the name a strategical step to make women purchase their product if they associate themselves to the beautiful and smooth goddess? I believe that in this field there is a lot more to explore and discover. Can’t wait. 3) What role does Pornography play in the perception of nudity nowadays? Subtopics: - History of pornography - Who is the viewer? - What role does women’s position in the society play in it? - Why is nudity instantly associated with pornography and sex nowadays? Note: Where does ‚sexy‘ come from? Why women want to look sexy? When did the trend start? 4) The Role of Clothes in the History

(until nowadays)

- Functional and social differences

5) Nudity Nowadays

(not just in art)

Subtopics: - Why am I capturing myself nude?

- The differences between nude in art and naked in reality (for me)

- Why female artists capture female nudity?

- Society’s attitude towards nudity (in art and public nudity)

Why am I researching this and what I want to conclude?

First of all, I find it very fascinating. It is interesting to see how everything is linked to the history – the perceptions and attitudes (about nudity) we hold today are influenced by our past. I believe that as a nude photographer and somebody who admires art and the beauty of the human form it is important for me to be aware of such history.

Knowing history will give me a clearer picture of why things are the way they are today, through repeating patterns. Who we are as a society, where is our place amongst other cultures and also where I can position myself as a modern woman.

Personally I also hope it will help me to gain more understanding why I do things in a certain way and how I can improve my practice – in terms of a concept and quality of the execution.

Additionally, I’m hoping this research will spark up some ideas for my Final Major Project.

And finally, I would like to resolve where exactly I can locate myself in the photographic practice – What do I want to do? And what can I do with my current knowledge and experience (and how to extend it)? In terms of making living.

Figure 1 Figure 2 References: Figure 1: Henri-Pierre Picou  (1824–1895), Venus,_Henri_Pierre_-_Venus_-_19th_century.jpg Figure2: Gillette Venus for woman advertisement

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