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Week 11: Work in Progress Portfolio

This is my Work in Progress Portfolio for Sustainable Prospects module. Autumn is my favourite season and I love being outdoors this time of the year. Therefore I decided to select photographs I had taken in nature because that's where I've been shooting mostly in the last few months. I always try to give my work a twist by using a lot of different techniques, like overexposure, adding textures, choosing unusual perspective, distorting the vision, merging the body with the surrounding and etc. The reason why I use these techniques is to draw the attention away from the subject itself and to focus on the photograph as a whole. For me to shoot is to be free. Through my photographs I'm expressing myself – my body is my tool for self-expression.

Cornfield I, 2020 Cornfield II, 2020

Tree in the Meadows I, 2020 Tree in the Meadows II, 2020

Seaside Landscape I, 2020 Seaside Landscape II, 2020

Seaside Landscape III, 2020 Seaside Landscape IV, 2020

The Woods I, 2020 The Woods II, 2020 The Woods III, 2020

Autumn Forest I, 2020 Autumn Forest II, 2020

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Owen Evans
Owen Evans
Nov 30, 2020

Gorgeous photos

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