About me

My name is Lucie, I'm originally from The Czech Republic, now I'm UK based.


I'm a nude fine art photographer and a human body admirer. I have been in love with human bodies as far as I can remember. I used to express my visions by painting. Then I realized that I can do a better job with a camera and in 2015 I started photographing nude.

I like discovering unusual perspectives, playing with lights and shadows or combining nudity with nature.


In my photographs I rather bring out the beauty and purity of my subjects than present something provocative or erotic.

Few other facts about me

  • I love chocolate, lots of chocolate!

  • Coffee in the morning is a must.

  • I like listening to Owen playing piano.

  • When I was 10 years old I got a camera as a birthday present from my parents. I was really disappointed back then as I was hoping for a Barbie doll instead.

  • I’m a creative person and photography is a way how I see the world.

Achievements and exhibitions


  • Started MA Photography programme with Falmouth University



  • My article about how to shoot nude portraits was published by Dodho magazine

  • My article 'Stories for winter' was published by Kompromise magazine

  • A few photos of mine were featured on Vogue



  • Shared exhibition in Prague's minigallery

  • Featured and interviewed on Monovisions

  • My article 'Underneath the clothes' was published by Dodho magazine


  • Commended by Sony World Photography Awards, category Travel

  • Won 2nd place in Sony World Photography Awards, National Awards, Czech Republic

  • Featured and interviewed in a Foto Video magazine

  • Shared exhibition in Prague's minigallery

  • Independent exhibition in a café Újezd in Prague

  • Nominated by FAPA, category Amateur, Nude


  • Shared exhibition in Prague's minigallery