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Week 8: Landings 2020

Nature Escapes

Doing photography in nature is a pleasant escape from everyday life, but also a great adventure. All these photos were shot around Nottinghamshire and there were always some circumstances that accompanied the photo shootings.

These photos were shot in a very quiet location. For a good reason -

getting there was horrendous – walking through bushes, nettles and thorns.

However, shooting there was very relaxing.

This was a second time visiting this location – horrendous and painful again

due to the bad terrain. Shooting there is always like a reward!

These photos were taken on the same day and place as the previous photos,

however, now with a different prop.

Still the same location, but now I figured out a better way of

getting there! This time I bumped into a person there – he was

collecting stones. I was doing photography.

I am a nude fine art photographer and a human body admirer.

I used to express my visions by painting. Then I realized that I can do a

better job with a camera.

I like discovering unusual perspectives, playing with lights and shadows

or combining nudity with nature.

In my photographs I rather bring out the beauty of the body than present

something provocative or erotic.

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