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Week 11: Work in Progress Portfolio

This is my Work in Progress Portfolio for Surfaces and Strategies module. I have selected these photographs as they reflect my development not just as a photographer but a person, too. As I have mentioned previously, my work indoors and outdoors slightly differ from each other. Shooting outside is rather spontaneous and adventerous whilst shooting inside is more relaxed and well planned. However, photography for me is about self-recognition and the creating process (shooting) is as important as the final photographs. Read the full article here: I slowly began to enjoy creating coloured photos. I used to be a black and white photographer even though I have always loved colours (my wardrobe is full of colourful clothes). Yet, I never opened up enough to express myself other than black and white. I dismissed the idea of experimenting with colours as I was worried I would change who I am if I started doing things differently. Until now. By pushing myself and exploring new ideas I found out I am able to create in colour. And I feel more myself now than before because I am not limiting myself by thinking that the change would harm me. Change can be scary but it is necessary for person’s development. I have also mentioned several times I had found some repeating patterns that distinguish my work. 1) Body within space - body as part of the surrounding world. 2) Dynamic body – representing capabilities of the body and kinetic qualities. 3) Proud body – feminine photographs representing the joy of being in my own skin. Some of these patterns overlap, however trying to organise my photos helps me understand my work and myself better. Watch my presentation to know more: All photographs in my portfolio contain the patterns mentioned above. For my portfolio I have selected 5 pairs of photographs taken indoors and 5 pairs taken outdoors. The indoors ones are black and white, the outdoors ones are in colour. I wanted the colour to represent the joy and carefreeness when shooting in the nature. The black and white represent the seriousness, logic and planning when shooting at home. Every photo session is like a lesson for me – every time I learn something new about myself and something valuable is taken into account. All photos here represent memorable moments of each photo session that contributed to my progress in my practice and life.

Between the Lines I, 2020 Between the Lines II, 2020

Spiral I, 2020 Spiral II, 2020

Opening I, 2020 Opening II, 2020

White Rook I, 2020 White Rook II, 2020

Flower that wanted to hide, 2020 Flower that wanted to be noticed, 2020

Landing of an Alien, 2020 Conquering the Earth, 2020

Disappearing I, 2020 Disappearing II, 2020

Stones of the Wall I, 2020 Stones of the Wall II, 2020

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