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Week 5: Zine Follow-up

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This post is a follow-up on my creation of a zine. I named it ‚Starving Artist‘ because I’ve been called like that several times by my friend when I struggled to earn money by making art. I thought it would be a great name, not just because of the history but it also represents the way how I create. My practice is low-costs because I believe there is no need to spend a lot of money on props and equipment, models and etc. in order to achieve good results. The issue is called 'Nature Adventures'. It is a series of photographs - outdoor self-portraits I have taken over the years throughout my practice between 2015-2020. My vision is to represent the body as a part of the environment. A body that fits with elements in the photograph and completes it like a final piece of a puzzle. For me standing in front of my camera is a full experience of doing photography because it gives me a perspective from both sides. I am in total charge of the camera and the poses, too. However, this freedom has its drawbacks. There have always been some circumstances that accompanied my photo shootings. I have experienced human and animal encounters, bad weather conditions, a lot of pain and drill, but also fun and good laughter. When looking at my work I can remember those moments, however, I’m aware that the photographs themselves don’t speak of the stories behind their creation. This is why I would like to share these stories alongside my photographs. Here are some examples:

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