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Week 7: Methods and Strategies

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This week we were discussing photographic faux pas. Our task was to upload any image that would demonstrate a failure or mistake in a photograph. However, the trick was to show a photograph where the apparent failure worked out well for the photograph and turned into a creative result. The reason of this exercise was to point out that when you know the rules, you can break them (for creative purposes)! This was my contribution to the discussion:

One of my peers posted an overexposed portrait of his grandmother being engaged with her phone. The image was not a mistake as it was a test of the maximum ISO of his camera. After the image was taken it has developed a deeper meaning – as if the photograph was demonstrating the grandmother’s absorption into the phone. The overexposure almost captures the essence of our argument that she's blinded to her surroundings.. It was only when researching the photographic faux pas that allowed me to realise this.., showing that our individual interpretations of a piece rely on our knowledge and understanding of the wider area of practice. The image reminded me a few of my own photographs where I used overexposure for a creative purpose. My goal was to make myself (or parts of myself) disappear in the light in order to portray the human body in an unusual way. Human eye would not be able to see this. These are the photos:

Lucie Nechanicka, 2016

Lucie Nechanicka, 2017

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