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Week 4: Collaboration

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

This week was in terms of a collaboration with other peers. I worked together with Tim and James as we all shared an interest in the same photographic technique which is a long exposure. The reason why we all like this technique is that it makes our subjects in the photograph blurry. We decided to combine the technique and an idea of the fleeting presence of mankind on the planet. The same concept for all of us, yet 3 different people grasped it a bit differently! James looked at people as ‚smudges‘ who blend in with the background and explored their transiency within man made environment. Tim wondered about this idea that mankind is in flux with the world and its own constructs. But there are those moments when we stop. I thought of the blur that it could represent the human insignificance from the perspective of our time on the planet. But also wanted to point out that on a small scale every second is important. The concept Recently I watched a documentary that inspired me to come up with a concept for our project. In the documentary they said that if the whole existence of our planet was 24 hours the humans have existed for only 77 seconds! I supported my idea with this image. Ref:

As Tim and James both liked the idea we decided to call our project ‘77 Seconds‘ . The name works great because it is relevant but unambiguous at the same time, so the viewer has to find out more. Preview of the project

Our project has not received any feedback yet. To be updated. In terms of other people’s work, so far I like the most the one about Mental Health. It is technically very well done and eye pleasing. The work focuses on mental health and negative emotions that are an inevitable part, and on using the lens as a therapy. The other project I find interesting is about Communication and the Tech age. The work points out the distortion and lack of real communication nowadays due to smartphones and other devices we humans are addicted to in this digital era.

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