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Week 1: The Global Image

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The first task was to find within our own work photographs that would relate to the weekly topic ‚The Global Image‘.

Contribution to the weekly topic was a bit challenging for me as I was doubting myself and my work. I was not sure at first whether the photograph I selected was related to the topic.

I have decided to share a photograph of my dad doing laundry.

But as I was looking at other people’s work, I have realised that almost anything can be related. The Global Image is a very broad and subjective topic and anyone can grasp it in their own way. Global does not mean far away from home. Global can be your backyard as for somebody else from a different part of the world it could be exotic and unusual.

It was also interesting to see that some other people grasped this topic rather in terms of global issues and unity. As global issues people mentioned poverty, political issues, racism, etc. And what unifies us as human beings? That can be anything again! Just a couple of examples: Somebody mentioned art and said ‚Art is another thing that I see in a global image, as once again, it is a language spoken by all.’ I liked that idea because it is very true. Somebody else mentioned differences between food cultures. But even then regardless of the differences there is something similar for everybody across the world:  ‘To this day markets remain a vibrant hub of human activity, offering not just a place for people to buy groceries, but also a meeting place, a place where greetings, ideas, and stories are traded as well as currency.’

What have I learned? Photography itself is very subjective. As the saying goes ‚Hundred people, hundred views‘. Everybody will grasp one thing differently. And there is nothing wrong or right about the way in how you will do it. It only depends on the photographers with what they want to point out and what message they want to pass.

The Global Image and my practice

Reflecting on my choice of posting a photo of my dad (as I thought back then that it was more related to ‚The Global Image‘ topic) I realised I also could have shared some photographs that are more related to my main focus which is nude photography. Is nude not global? We are all creatures born naked and it is definitely something we share across the world regardless of different political situations, religion and quality of education or welfare.  

Therefore I would like to make this post here.

These are photographs of five different women from different cultures including myself. My point is to show that beneath the clothes we are all the same vulnerable bodies regardless of the cultural background. I have decided to share faceless photos in order to not get any distraction by the facial expressions, I want this to be about the body only. The reason why all photographs are taken outdoors is that I love using natural environment as I like combining nudity with nature.




South Korean


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Interesting contrasts of global imagery.

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